Support Service Jobs: Is Your Colleague Showing Signs of Substance Abuse?

support service jobs

The Signs, and What To Do Are you working support service jobs and think your colleague may be showing signs of substance abuse? Though it’s hard to imagine, the statistics don’t paint a pretty picture: Approximately 5% of medical professionals are struggling with illicit drug abuse 69% of doctors have misused prescription drugs at least once…

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Should Hospital Workers Admit to Substance Abuse?

hospital workers

Why You Should Come Forward Hospital workers are in a high-risk profession for drug addiction due to the stressful work environment and increased exposure to drugs. Drug addiction is not always caused by substance abuse, but could be caused by mental health problems, a lack of social support, or the perception that one can’t find…

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Hospital Janitors Have a Career Path, Too

hospital janitors

You Decide the Destination – We’ll Help You Get There Hospital janitors have been frontline heroes for many years, and specifically most recently as hospitals battled coronavirus. But as a hospital janitor, where can you go from here? A Gallup study found that 87% of employees consider their career development important in their job. Having…

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Personal Hygiene Tips for Hospital Housekeepers

hospital housekeeper jobs

Put the Sparkle in Your Hospital Jobs Prospects Hospital housekeepers spend their working hours making sure patients are safe, comfortable, and cared for in a clean environment. But working in such an environment increases risk of infection for both patients and hospital staff. Personal hygiene is key to combat infection. The hospital is an environment…

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How Safe Is a Janitor Job in a Hospital?

hospital janitor jobs

Frontline Heroes Should Still Feel Safe You’re searching for hospital janitor jobs, but you’re not sure it’s a safe job to be in. Covid-19 is your biggest concern. You may have read reports such as that from the Service Employees International Union that showed 75% of respondents – mostly janitors and nurse assistants – were…

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What Are Hospital Jobs Really Like?

hospital jobs

Look Deeper Than the Job Description Have you ever wondered what hospital jobs are really like? You want to put your skills and caring personality to use, and a hospital could be the perfect environment. But is it as good as your favorite medical drama, or as bad as you see on the news? The…

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Are You an Underpaid Hospital Housekeeper?

hospital housekeepers

The Skills, Duties and Dedication of a Hospital Housekeeper, and How They Should Be Rewarded Usually, the term “housekeeper” is officially referred to as an  “Environmental Services Technician” or EVS for short. The role of the EVS Tech (hospital housekeeper) is a crucial one. Without you, hospitals wouldn’t be able to maintain their standards of…

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Interview Tips for Hospital Housekeepers

hospital housekeeper

How to Answer the Scariest Interview Questions in the World Quality candidates for hospital housekeeper jobs are in high demand in San Diego, thanks to the area’s thriving healthcare industry. But if you are applying for a job as a hospital housekeeper, you may be up against some fierce competition. If you can let your…

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