Hoops to Jump Through to Land Your Next Environmental Services Job

7 Steps to Earn the Salary You Deserve in a Job You Love

You’re searching for your next career move in environmental services jobs. You’re passionate about making sure that healthcare facilities are clean, safe places for patients, employees, and visitors.

According to salary.com, the average salary for an environmental services technician is $17 per hour. With the skills and experience you have you could be earning more. But unless your job search strategy is fine-tuned, you may never earn the salary you should.

Here’s how to land the best environmental service jobs with the highest salaries.

1.    Keep Your Social Media Updated

Social media is one of the most important ways of being able to keep up to date with how the world is developing, as well as boosting your online profile. This is an important way of being able to market and promote yourself – don’t let those embarrassing photos stand in your way! Clean your social media and it can work for you.

2.    Be ‘Resume-Ready’

You never know when opportunity will knock at your door. When it does, it pays to be ready.

Your resume plays a key role in your job search. Make sure that you keep yours updated with any new experiences, training, qualifications, and achievements you have. We call this being ‘resume-ready’. Set aside 15 minutes each month to make sure your resume is ready to present, and you’ll never miss an opportunity to get your name in front of an employer.

3.    Personalize Your Resume for Your Next Environmental Services Job

No two jobs and no two employers are quite the same, so before you submit your resume, take a few minutes to personalize it to both.

Too many people put information on their resume that is not relevant to the job they are applying for. Make sure you tailor your resume toward the job you are applying for, matching your key skills they have requested. By ‘keywording’ resumes in this way, you will catch the eye of the reviewer. Your resume will do the job it is designed to do – get you an interview.

4.    Develop and Practice Answers to Interview Questions

There aren’t too many people who enjoy interviews. If you know how to prepare for yours, you may still not enjoy it, but you will be confident during it.

The trick is to figure out the type of interview questions you will be asked, and then prepare answers to them. Take a methodical, STAR approach to each. For example, if you are asked about a time you had to work with a difficult colleague, you might describe:

  • The situation (S): “I once worked with someone who wouldn’t follow the cleaning process.”
  • The task (T): “I knew that I needed to help him get on track, or patients could be put at risk.”
  • The action you took (A): “I spoke to him about it. Turns out he hadn’t been trained and had never done this work before. So, I asked my boss if my colleague could shadow me, so I could teach him.”
  • The result (R): “My boss said yes, and within a couple of weeks my colleague was able to do his job single-handed.”

In just a few sentences, you have shown yourself to be conscientious, a team player, observant, and with supervisory talent!

5.    Prepare Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Interviews are not a one-way conversation. Make sure you research the employer and prepare a few questions to ask. This will confirm your interest and motivation for the role you have applied for.

6.    Know How to Negotiate the Offer

If everything has gone well, you will receive an offer. Great news, but there may be some wiggle room. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. You should always make sure that nothing is left on the table. Negotiating an offer can be nerve-wracking. Before you do, you should know the pay rates for your role in the area you will be working. You should also be ready to explain why you feel you are worth a little more.

This is something we help our candidates with. Our extensive knowledge of the market helps to ensure that our candidates always get the right offer – your true value.

7.    Stay Sober!

Cannabis use may be legal in many states now, but it’s wise to stay sober. It is perfectly legal for a hospital to request that you take a drug screen before hiring you – and all offers will be conditional on passing that screen. The last thing you want to do is have the perfect job offer pulled because you weren’t sober.

When You Are Job Searching, Know Your Goals

To be successful in your job search, you should know your goals. What type of job do you want? Who is the type of person you enjoy working with? What hours do you want to work? These are the sorts of questions we help our candidates answer.

As you answer them, we begin to build up a picture of you. This helps us match you with the best employer for you, and to make sure that the offer you receive reflects your true value as a star employee.

Now all you need to do is contact HireGround and locate some of the best environmental services jobs today. What are you waiting for? Let’s get your future started. Contact HireGround now.

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