How Safe Is a Janitor Job in a Hospital?

Frontline Heroes Should Still Feel Safe

You’re searching for hospital janitor jobs, but you’re not sure it’s a safe job to be in. Covid-19 is your biggest concern.

You may have read reports such as that from the Service Employees International Union that showed 75% of respondents – mostly janitors and nurse assistants – were told they either do not need PPE, or must ask a nurse for it.

Despite demand on hospital resources gradually lowering as a vaccination rollout begins, hospitals in the United States are still very much fighting a war against Covid. As a janitor, you’re on the frontline, playing a vital role in keeping hospitals going and patients safe. But will you be safe?

In this article, discover if you have the skills and the right tools to safely enjoy your hospital janitor job.

Hospital Janitor Skills

There are certain skills you need that will help you in your role as hospital janitor, and which hiring managers will be looking for:

  • Knowledge of chemicals and solvents – and the ability to learn
  • Physical stamina
  • Ability to work night shifts
  • Dexterity
  • Adaptability – particularly with everchanging work procedures
  • Strong work ethic
  • Customer focus
  • Approachable
  • Critical thinker – noting hazardous or dangerous defaults and reporting correctly

These skills will maximize your safety, as well as the safety of hospital staff and patients.

How to Search for the Right Hospital Janitor Job

With safety a concern, it’s important you approach your job search correctly. Doing so will reassure you that you’re applying for a job you feel safe in and enjoy, with a provider you feel reassured by, and with support available when needed. Here’s how.

Look at Company Culture and Vision

When you’re looking for hospital janitor jobs, do your research on the employers. What type of employer are they? What will they be like to work for?

Looking at their website will give you a great insight into their ‘company mindset’:

  • Their company mission – how they see themselves as a company, with regards to ethics and values
  • Their vision – what they want to achieve

When doing your research, note whether they direct their attention to employee wellbeing, and how they portray the importance of PPE for their staff.

Further indicators will also be in the job description. Look for benefits that indicate a good support network.

The Interview

When you are invited to interview, raise your concerns. Ask them:

  • What PPE is provided to you in your janitor job?
  • What training is provided for updated cleaning procedures?
  • What support will be offered? Who will be your go-to member of staff?

If you have concerns over receiving a vaccination, now is a good time to get some clarity on the provider’s views.

Consider Temporary or Temp-To-Hire Jobs

Temporary jobs are a great way for you to get a better insight into the janitor job itself, as well as the healthcare provider.

With temp-to-hire roles, you’re initially hired on a ‘temporary’ basis with a view to go permanent at the end of the contract.

The benefits of taking this approach include:

  • Getting to try janitor jobs and providers before you commit to them permanently
  • A healthy income
  • Meeting new people
  • Learning new skills
  • Getting your foot in the door for a permanent job

With demand on hospitals fluctuating, many healthcare providers are taking this route to fill roles and find permanent janitors. Don’t miss the opportunity by avoiding temporary or temp-to-hire jobs. It could be the beginning of something great.

Have Support in Your Search for Janitor Jobs

Today is a worrying time for all our heroes on the frontline of a pandemic, including our incredible hospital janitors. Everyone should feel safe in their jobs, but, while the coronavirus is still posing a risk, you must feel supported.

A specialist staffing agency can provide the support you need. Here at HireGround, you can talk to us about your concerns. We will note these and match you up to the perfect healthcare provider.

We will help you ask the right questions for your personal reassurance. And we will be there for you if you find you’re not comfortable and would like to move on.

We can also provide a host of opportunities in temporary and temp-to-hire roles, with full support and guidance throughout the hiring process.

What are you waiting for? Call HireCare today for the chat you need, so that you can begin a rewarding and safe career in hospital janitor jobs. America needs you!

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