What Are Hospital Jobs Really Like?

Look Deeper Than the Job Description

Have you ever wondered what hospital jobs are really like? You want to put your skills and caring personality to use, and a hospital could be the perfect environment. But is it as good as your favorite medical drama, or as bad as you see on the news?

The healthcare industry is the second-biggest employer in the United States (behind public schools). According to IBISWorld, hospitals account for more than 5 million of these. When you work in a hospital, you’re joining a huge workforce.

But it’s certainly had its ups and downs. The pandemic has caused a tsunami of strain and risk posed on healthcare jobs, while they simultaneously attempt the biggest vaccination rollout in history.

What is it really like to work as a hospital janitor, housekeeper, or other support job in a hospital today?

In this article, we explain the pros and cons of working in a hospital.

The Pros

There are plenty of pros that not only draw people toward hospital jobs, but also often see many healthcare staff work lengthy careers right through to retirement. These advantages include:

  • Rewarding Career

It’s what drew you towards healthcare in the first place. You’re a caring person, and a people person. Working in hospital support services, you provide the backbone to care. Whether this is by keeping wards clean, moving patients, or one of a wide variety of other duties, you are an integral part of hospital life.

  • Job Stability

With an aging population, the demand on healthcare will increase – and every patient relies on the support of the ‘behind the scenes’ staff.

The growth rate of jobs in the healthcare sector is forecast to be faster in healthcare than any other job. The U.S. BLS projects another 2.4 million jobs will be needed by 2026.

You’re not likely to be replaced by robots any time soon.

  • Team Environment

Though you must be able to think for yourself and make critical decisions no matter your role, you’ll be working with a team of people you’ll often see as your ‘work family’. It’s a great team atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere.

  • Stimulating Environment

Variation is crucial to some people. But if you’re working in a hospital, no day is the same. Sure, you’ll have your routines and tasks that must be completed every shift. However, you will work different shifts, meet different people, and help solve different problems daily.

  • Salary

Not only will your job reward you emotionally, but you will be well paid, too. This doesn’t often affect your experiences of working in a hospital, but it is certainly a factor to consider when deciding on your future.

The Cons

Like all great jobs, there are some disadvantages to consider:

  • Exposure

You’ll be working in an environment that does increase your exposure to sick people and contaminants. Adequate training and PPE will act as your biggest protection barrier, but there is no eliminating the risk without a completely sterile environment.

  • Unsocial Hours

For some, unpredictability does not sit well. You may be required to work unsocial hours (healthcare is a 24-hour job), so there may be times when you won’t be able to socialize as you normally would. However, you will be compensated for this and many support workers say that they appreciate the flexibility that shift work gives them.

  • Volatile Patients

You’ll meet many different people, all of whom will react differently to anxieties, stress, and concerns. Others may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some may be experiencing a reaction to medication or reacting to a symptom – like a seizure, for example.

Unfortunately, hospital staff are often on the receiving end, so you’ll need a thick skin and plenty of empathy.

Let a Staffing Agency Show You What It’s Like to Work in a Hospital

You may have the skills to fulfil the job description you’ve seen for hospital jobs. You may meet the qualification criteria, or think you’ll do well in achieving the duties mentioned.

Understanding the pros and cons of working in a hospital will help you make the right decision on whether hospital jobs are right for you.

A specialist staffing agency can help you further. Here at HireCare, we can help resolve the cons and enhance the pros for you in your job search. We can also create opportunities in temporary and temp-to-hire roles, allowing you to trial a hospital first-hand, providing support along the way.

Landing your dream healthcare job starts with that first conversation. Contact HireCare today to realize your future.

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