Want an Easy Fix for Your ‘Boring’ Job in Support Services? Read This!

Take Back Control of Your Career and Wellbeing

Your job in support services didn’t used to be boring, you used to love it. You’d set off for your shift with a spring in your step. What’s happened?

According to a 2016 study by Udemy, 51% of bored workers feel this way for more than half of their work week. OK, we all become a little disillusioned with our jobs from time to time. But long-term boredom can have a serious impact on your mental health and wellbeing, as well as your performance in your job in support services.

It’s time to give your role a reboot.

Identify What Is Making You Bored

As unique individuals, the feeling of boredom can be triggered by various aspects. You must identify what it is that’s making you bored, so that you can tackle it now and prevent it in the future. Here are a few common reasons:

·      Hours Are Too Long

Working longer hours means you’re spending drawn-out shifts doing the same tasks. This is numbing your ability to perform at your best. It’s also causing you to miss out on crucial human interaction with your friends and family, and giving you no time to do the things you enjoy doing in your free time, such as hobbies and interests.

This part of your life is crucial to a healthy work/life balance. When you have an enriched personal life and time to recuperate, you feel more motivated and inspired when you are at work.

·      Not Recognized for Your Efforts

People often get bored and frustrated when they don’t feel like they are able to make an impact. Your job in support services is hard, and it matters – but your employers need to help you realize this and reward you for it. When your efforts don’t feel appreciated, you lose the motivation to continue doing any more than what is essential.

·      You Don’t Get on with Your Co-workers

You spend a lot of time with your co-workers, and the working relationships that are formed can make a huge difference to your productivity, focus, and drive. Support and friendly conversation can make your shift hugely enjoyable and uplifting. If you don’t get on with your co-workers, the very opposite effects occur.

Could it be the culture of your workplace that sets the tone of how colleagues treat each other and behave as a team?

·      Not Challenging Enough

Feeling challenged is a fundamental need for human beings. We all feel bored if we don’t have a goal or objective to work toward, which leads to frustration and unhappiness. When we become bored with our work, it’s an indicator that we are not feeling fulfilled.

Challenges keep work interesting. Without them, your work feels mundane and dead-end.

·      You’ve Hit the Ceiling in Your Current Role

You’ve achieved all you can in the role you’re in, mastering all you can to excel in a job in support services – except there’s no room to excel. Your supervisor has no other tasks for you, no training to offer you, and no way of looking ahead. It feels like the only other way is down.

What to Do

If these scenarios sound familiar, there’s one thing you mustn’t do: nothing. Feeling like this can have serious consequences that spill well over into your personal life, and affect your health. Here’s what to do:

1.    Speak to Your Boss

Your first port of call is to ask for some time to meet with your boss, and tell them how you feel. They may have no idea you’re feeling bored in your job, and rush to provide you with the tools, training, advice, and support you need to feel challenged, motivated, and satisfied again.

A good boss will listen to how you feel, and set a path for progression. A bad boss will ignore your concerns and take no action.

2.    No Change? Take Control of Your Career

You’ve done all you can to achieve a basic need of feeling fulfilled in your job. If your employer doesn’t support this, it’s time to take back control. Change jobs. There are many who champion people just like you, and provide them with motivating, challenging, and promising jobs in support services.

Speak to us. Our clients at Hireground are actively looking for great candidates. We’ll help match your goals, personality, and talents to the perfect role and employer. You deserve a great career with supportive people behind you. Submit your resume today.

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