Hospital Janitors Have a Career Path, Too

You Decide the Destination – We’ll Help You Get There

Hospital janitors have been frontline heroes for many years, and specifically most recently as hospitals battled coronavirus. But as a hospital janitor, where can you go from here?

A Gallup study found that 87% of employees consider their career development important in their job. Having a job that provides you with the support and leverage of an exciting future gives you:

  • A sense of purpose
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Boosted engagement and productivity
  • Opportunities to excel

Here, you’ll find how you can continue enjoying your job as a hospital janitor, with a bright future ahead.

Own Your Job

Firstly, remind yourself how effective you are in your job. The difference you make to your patients and hospital staff is, quite literally, life-saving. Your skills and dedication to your role are the foundations of your career. Many make the mistake of not perfecting this first, before reaching out for other opportunities.

Remember, too, that you’re in a very stable position to support your career. The job outlook for hospital janitors is for the number of jobs to grow by 10% from 2016 to 2026 – that’s much higher than the average, and a great position to be in.

Hospital Jobs to Consider

Self-motivation comes from setting personal goals. Take a look at these career options that are well within reach of a hospital janitor:

Team Leader

You’ll be responsible for assigning cleaning areas to janitor staff, and carrying out inspections to ensure effective cleaning within health and safety policies. You’ll manage your team’s workload, and be responsible for their training.


You’ll be responsible for managing rotas, reviewing performance, and assessing candidates for hire, as well as ensuring your team are working together effectively. You’ll oversee a team of janitors and team leaders to maximize the quality of service.

Facilities Management

You’ll essentially be looking after all the services that help a hospital operate. It’s further from a janitor role, but your organizational skills and hospital knowledge will ensure you oversee multi-disciplinary teams such as cleaning, maintenance, grounds, and security.

Clinical Support Roles

You enjoy working in hospitals, and you want to have more to do with patients. If this is the case, you should consider clinical support roles, such as:

  • A Maternity Support Worker
  • A Healthcare Assistant

Why stop there? Why rule yourself out to develop into a role as a nurse, or other healthcare professional? You have the experience of a hospital environment, and that knowledge will serve you very well throughout your chosen career in healthcare.

How to Enhance Your Progress

These opportunities fill you with excitement, and put a skip into your step. Here’s what to do to get your career going:

Think about Skills

Sit down and think about what you’re best at, and which skills allow this. If your skills include organizing and coaching people, think down the managerial route.

Also consider your weak points, and how you can strive to bridge these gaps.

Talk to Your Boss

When you know your strengths and weaknesses and you’ve set your career goals, ask to speak with your boss. Tell them your career goals and map out a path together to help you reach them. Your boss can play a crucial role in your development, and provide you the time and tools to achieve your ambition.

Take Responsibility

Don’t wait for employers to support you; this is your future. Are there online courses you can study in your spare time? Consider part-time or temporary hospital jobs with a specialist staffing agency that will help you earn and learn.

Talk to a Staffing Agency about Your Career Path

You may have had the conversation with your boss, only to feel like they have no interest in your professional development. If your chat fell on deaf ears and you feel trapped, get in touch with a specialist staffing agency. Here at HireGround we can offer you various options.

You may need short-term contracts in between learning. These allow you to study, and develop your janitor skills. You may want a long-term janitor job with a supportive employer, who fully encourages and provides the tools you need to progress in your career. Whichever employment type you need, it is our goal to match you with a hospital culture in which you can thrive.

This is your future. Contact HireCare today and let’s talk about the possibilities for your career. We’re here to support you all the way.

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