Tips to Break into Environmental Services Jobs

The Secrets You Need to Succeed

Environmental services jobs cover a wide range of industries, which may include waste management, recycling, water treatment, and many other things.

The industry itself has seen a large growth in work volume, and it is expected that the number of jobs will continue to grow over the next decade. The U.S. BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook forecasts an 8% job growth, which is much faster than the average. SalaryExpert also averages environmental services jobs salaries at $36,848 a year.

Want to know how you could break into a great career? Check out these game-changing jobseeker tips.

Get Networking

Networking is important when you’re seeking new career opportunities, especially if you’re new to the field. Get signed up onto some industry networking events. You’ll learn so much about the latest industry news, technologies, and practices, as well as meet people who could potentially gain you access to career opportunities today or in the future.

Go prepared, and carry your contact details to pass onto likeminded professionals. Continue to nurture these connections online, too, ensuring your social media presence is as equally professional.

Research Opportunities in Your Region

Though remote work has created a whole new dynamic for many people, working environmental services jobs is executed predominantly at the workplace and in the field. Do some research in your region on the opportunities available, and the employers. Check out their company culture, their website, their achievements as a business, and where you think you’d thrive.

Temp-to-full-time jobs are a great way to assess employers, and can potentially lead to permanent placements.

Keep Your Resume Up to Date

After optimizing your resume to showcase transferrable skills, qualifications, and beneficial employment history suitable for a career in environmental services jobs, commit to keeping it updated. When a great job opens, you’ll be first in front of fresh hiring eyes.

Do you have employment gaps in your resume? No sweat. Read our article on how to overcome this.

Register with a Specialized Agency

Non-specific jobs boards provide quantity, not quality – for all parties. You’ll be faced with ill-fitting jobs and endless hiring processes. Employers are flooded with the same problems, leaving you less identifiable.

Register with a specialist agency like HireCare Hireground Personnel Services for a focused job search specific to your skills and goals. Submit your resume once, and receive notifications on the latest jobs you won’t often find on regular jobs boards. Filter through the quality and see promising, faster results with various opportunities and contracts.

Prepare for Interviews

If you’ve registered with a specialist agency like Hireground, you’ll be sure any interviews you’re invited to are a good match – so you should feel confident. But still, always prepare. Think about:

  • Dress code – always formal and professional
  • Time – always accommodate delays to arrive early
  • Likely questions – and how you’ll answer them (What are your weaknesses?)
  • The STAR method (Situation, Time, Action, Results) – to reduce waffle and get your point across
  • Questions you have for the interviewers
  • Virtual interviews – suitable location, and the tech to support it

Research the company and interviewer, identify the difference you can make to the organization, and practice presenting a confident yet humble and team-worthy pitch.

Follow Up and Ask for Feedback

After an interview, always follow up courteously. You’ll stand out from other candidates, show your commitment to the role, and leave a lasting impression – plus it will put your mind at ease.

Didn’t get the job? It’s not the result you wanted, but learn from it. Ask for feedback, so that your next interview will be even stronger.

Stay Positive and Persistent

Know that job seeking is competitive, and it’s likely you’ll experience setbacks. Don’t let this negatively affect your mindset – it’s a numbers game, and a learning curve. Remain committed, and ensure you surround yourself with the right people to support you, both personally and professionally.

Partner with Hireground and Discover Your Next Environmental Services Jobs

Breaking into environmental services jobs can be tough, but with these tips you’re in a head-start position already. Come take a look for yourself at the latest jobs we have waiting for your application. Submit your resume today and sign up for job alerts.

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