Interview Tips for Hospital Housekeepers

How to Answer the Scariest Interview Questions in the World

Quality candidates for hospital housekeeper jobs are in high demand in San Diego, thanks to the area’s thriving healthcare industry. But if you are applying for a job as a hospital housekeeper, you may be up against some fierce competition.

If you can let your personality, experience, and skills shine in an interview, you should put yourself ahead of this competition. The trick is being able to answer those scary interview questions without batting an eyelid.

What Scariest Interview Questions Can You Expect?

Preparing for the questions you will face can help you go into your interview relaxed and confident. However, while it is a great idea to prepare and have answers in mind, you should also be aware that reciting them parrot fashion can produce a negative reaction from interviewers.

The answer is to have prepared answers, but don’t over-rehearse. This way you will sound natural and not as if you are reading from a script. Here are a few of the most nerve-wracking questions you may be asked.

  • “Of all the candidates we are interviewing, why should we hire you?”

This is a question that can make anyone freeze. Most of us get a bit uncomfortable talking about ourselves. We can feel like we are bragging when we highlight our good points. However, for an interview its necessary to deliver a confident answer to this question.

You can think about saying things like:

  • “I am an expert in sanitization and will keep your hospital clean to the highest standard.”
  • “I am highly organized and will keep storage cupboards in order. I’ll also ensure that equipment and supplies are easy to find and well maintained.”
  • “I am used to working on my feet all day, have high stamina, and will not tire out after a day of changing linen and sanitizing rooms.”
  • “Describe a time when working as a hospital housekeeper was a challenge.”

Working in a hospital environment presents many challenges. You can use this question to demonstrate your level of commitment and diligence in the work that you do.

Here’s an example of an answer you could give:

“In a previous hospital that I worked for, there was a patient whose family was dissatisfied with everything. The patient was in a room that I was cleaning. They were never satisfied with how the job was completed. The sheets were never quite clean enough, the bed was never made how they liked.

“This was extremely stressful and tiring but I kept my cool and continued to do my work to the high standard of the hospital. I remained empathetic towards the patient and the family’s situation. The patient was eventually discharged and not a single complaint was filed.”

  • “What is a skill you think is essential for a hospital housekeeper to have?”

Use this question to demonstrate you know the complexities of the role. It is often best to give an answer that covers many skills such as:

“Being something of a jack of all trades is necessary to be a successful hospital housekeeper. You need to be physically fit to be on your feet all day, operate cleaning equipment, and carry heavy loads around the hospital.

“Organizational skills are needed to manage multiple tasks and keep all equipment in order. A great hospital housekeeper also needs to be highly knowledgeable about the cleaning supplies they are using; for example, to use the correct amount of cleaning solutions to do the job effectively and keep cleaning costs low.”

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rate your hospital housekeeping skills?”

This is a difficult question. No one is perfect, but you don’t want to come across as though you are not an expert or that you are going to make a mistake.

A good answer to go with is:

“I would rate myself an 8 or 9. I feel that I have the experience and training to have mastered the art of hospital housekeeping. However, I am aware that there is always room to learn and grow, and as systems and technologies change, we all need to learn new skills.”

To Sum Up

Landing a hospital housekeeping job can be tough. The environment you work in adds additional pressures to the work you do. Consequently, hospitals can have demanding requirements.

Going into your interview prepared for the questions coming your way will help you present your best self, answer with confidence, and relieve some of the interview pressure. This will give you an upper hand in helping you land the job.

For help finding your next hospital housekeeper job in San Diego, contact HireCare Personnel at (858) 974-9944.

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