For Hospital Janitor Jobs, How Do You Cover Employment Gaps on Your Resume?

Hospital Janitor Jobs in San Diego

In San Diego, hospital janitor jobs are an essential role in the economy. Indeed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare sector accounts for 4.5% of all jobs in San Diego. However, if you are considering applying for work as a hospital janitor, gaps on your resume could be a concern.

If you are worried about employment gaps on your resume, you needn’t be. There are ways to account for these gaps that will not harm your chances of getting a job offer. The secret is to ensure that a resume reviewer looks at your positives, and that any negative feelings about gaps between employment are eliminated. Here’s how to do this.

Use Years Instead of Months

When listing work experience on your resume, you don’t need to include the months for start and end dates. You can simply list the year. For example, you may format your experience on your resume to look something like this:

  • Hospital Janitor, Hospital Name, 2019-Present
  • Hospital Janitor, Hospital Name, 2016-2019

This format will remove attention from unemployment gaps if there are a few months in the same year. However, be aware that during the interview stage you may be asked to give more detail about the times you worked at each hospital, and you will need to prepare an answer.

Include Experience Gained During Your Employment Gap

Think about what you did in the time between jobs. If you productively gained some new skills, took a training course, or did anything else that may improve your career opportunities, then list this on your resume.

Alternatively, you may have volunteered. If you participated in any volunteer programs at a hospital, this is especially important to list. It helps to show you have a passion for the job, understand the importance of patient care, and are enthusiastic about being involved in hospital life.

Explaining an Employment Gap During a Hospital Janitor Job Interview

If you have an unemployment gap, you will likely be asked about it during your job interview. Explaining it can be tricky, but it’s important to have an answer prepared. This will help you to provide a clear and rational reason for the employment gap. Especially important is that the positions you held were in hospital janitor jobs.

If your break from work was voluntary, explain this. Perhaps you had to look after a sick family member, or other life circumstances required your time and attention. If this is the case, during your interview explain that this issue has been resolved and you are ready to get back to work.

However, perhaps the break was not voluntary and was due to layoffs. Perhaps the hospital you were working for closed or a contract ended. In this case, it is important to highlight your janitorial skills and show that you will be an excellent addition to the team. Show evidence of your skills and explain the circumstance around you leaving your last role.

Focus the Interview on Your Skills

Hospital janitor jobs require various skills. Important skills you will want to highlight that you have during your interview include:

  • Safety and sanitation: In a hospital environment, safety and sanitation are of the utmost importance. Demonstrate how you have developed these skills in previous roles.
  • Communication: As a hospital janitor you will likely be working as part of a larger team. You will need to show you have great communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Physical Fitness: Janitorial work requires you to be on your feet for long shifts. Demonstrate how you keep fit and will manage these long hours of physical work.

If you have upgraded skills in these areas during gaps in employment, explain this and tell the interviewer how you did so.

You may also have additional skills that will be a huge bonus. Such skills can help you stand out from other candidates, and pull the attention away from your employment gap. For example, you may have maintenance skills – experience with equipment or building maintenance is always a big plus for hospital janitor roles. They enable you to take on more responsibilities – and this can be extremely attractive to employers.

To Sum Up

If you have a gap in your employment as a hospital janitor, you don’t need to worry. If you structure your resume well, you are more likely to be invited to interview. And an invite to interview demonstrates that the employer is more concerned about your relevant skills and experience than any employment gap on your resume.

Before you attend the interview, ensure that you are prepared to address gaps in your employment history, and explain them positively. Always bring the interviewer around by highlighting your skills and experience, and how you will prove to be a valuable member of the hospital’s team.

For help finding your next hospital janitor job in San Diego, contact HireCare Personnel at (858) 974-9944.

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