When You Apply for a Job as a Janitor, Your Appearance Matters

Skills Aren’t the Only Thing Employers Are Looking for in Candidates

Working as a janitor requires excellent skills in problem-solving, physical stamina, time management, the ability to work independently, and knowledge in chemicals and solvents to name but a few.

However, when you’re applying for janitor jobs, skills aren’t the only focal point of the interviewer – your appearance matters too. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Undercover Recruiter, 33% of employers decide within 90 seconds of an interview whether they’ll consider hiring someone.

With interviews often lasting between 20 and 40 minutes, it’s clear that those 90 seconds aren’t based on any answers you haven’t yet given. They’re based on the way you present yourself.

In this article, we’re going to highlight a few pointers to ensure that you present yourself in such a short space of time in the best possible way, to land that janitor role.

Assumptions Based on Appearance Are Human

It is human nature that we make judgement on others based on their appearance. While this is not a trait that should be encouraged (and absolutely no discrimination should be made based on factors such age, race, religion, or color), there are certain elements of appearance that can identify a potential conflict between how you behave in your personal life, and what the role of janitor will require from an individual.

Dress Code

Smart attire is a must for any interview. Even if you’re attending a virtual interview, it’s still an interview.

You might feel relaxed and confident about your skills alone, but don’t underestimate the power of what you’re wearing. The Undercover Recruiter research found that 65% of bosses said that what you’re wearing could be the deciding factor between you and a similar candidate.

Dressing presentably shows that you care about the role and your appearance, and have respect for those interviewing you.

Keep Fingernails Clean

If you’re a janitor in a healthcare setting, and you’re in an interview with soiled and grubby fingernails, the decision could be made to cross you off even quicker than 90 seconds.

Hygiene and cross-infection control are a colossal part of a role as janitor. If your fingernails look dirty, it will not portray you as hygienic in your personal life nor your professional life.

Also take care not to wear nail varnish, nail art, or acrylics, which are forbidden when working as a janitor in a healthcare setting, again for hygiene purposes.

Tidy Hair

With smart attire and a resume to match, make sure it’s not spoiled by scruffy hair.

If you have long hair, tie it back neatly. Facial hair should also be kept well-groomed.

Finally, when you’re interviewing, try not to cause distractions by regularly touching your hair and face.

Tattoos or Piercings

If possible, you should cover any tattoos you have.

Of course, tattoos don’t affect your ability to work efficiently in a role as janitor, but some tattoos may be offensive to others. Some may cause a difference in opinion whilst you’re working, or represent you in an inaccurately negative way.

Don’t scupper your chances by having tattoos on show; it simply isn’t worth it, and doesn’t represent you professionally.

Bring Your Smile

Following the above advice, you should present as smart, clean, focused, and attentive in an interview. The finishing touch is your smile.

Your smile is the very best of you. It’s the one thing that is allowed to be contagious and infectious in healthcare, and can even be a dealbreaker. Think about when you meet someone for the first time. Most people are engaged by others who smile rather than scowl.

Summing Up

With all these factors combined, we’d say you’re all polished up and good to go, ready to smash that interview with confidence. Seal it with a friendly smile, and you’ll be starting your new janitor job in no time.

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