What Standout Skills Do You Need for a Custodian Job?

What Employers Really Want from You

Are you in search of a custodian job and wondering how you can stand out from other candidates? You may already have all the usual desired custodian skills, including:

  • Good maintenance skills
  • A proficient cleaner
  • Good at organizing your time

However, with the unemployment rate in America soaring this year, competition is fierce. You need a standout skill. That skill is the often forgotten, yet all important, ability to provide excellent customer service. Didn’t think of that one? Not many do. Yet it could be a dealbreaker in the interview room and throughout your career in custodian jobs.

In this article, we’ll explain why customer service is a skill that recruiters will love you for, and will likely land you that custodian job.

Why Healthcare Companies Need Customer Service

Don’t assume that being in a custodian job requires you to quietly go unnoticed as you work. You are much more crucial than that.

Every company relies on their customers and clients for continued business. In healthcare settings, such companies’ customers and clients are experiencing stress, worry, and even fear.

Therefore, while you’re carrying out your usual duties of a custodian job, good customer service skills will help your employer to provide the excellent service that makes all the difference to patients and their families when they need it most.


The ability to communicate well is a skill demonstrated by the best custodians. Communicating and good listening skills will help patients and their family members to feel comfortable in asking for help or reporting a problem.

If you communicate well amongst a team of custodians and other healthcare facility staff, the way you work together will improve and therefore boost results. This is excellent customer service that will be visible to both management and patients.

Thus, if you appear friendly and connect well with the interviewer, you’ll be in a good position when applying for custodian jobs.


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. In the healthcare sector, this is crucial: 

  • Some healthcare staff may be under pressure caring for a patient and need things done quickly to support their role
  • Patients may be extremely fearful and anxious, and these feelings may make them act in unusual ways
  • Relatives may be worried and act similarly
  • Patients may need help and not feel comfortable asking

With an empathetic outlook, you see through such behaviors and understand what needs to be done. What a gift that is to any human being, not just a custodian. For that moment in time when people need you for your skills in your role and in empathy, you provide the excellent customer service that will be hugely appreciated – and noticed by management.

In the interview, make sure that you present yourself as empathetic. Prepare some answers that demonstrate previous situations you’ve experienced and when you’ve acted with empathy.

Empathetic behaviors include:

  • Courteousness
  • Kind and caring
  • Being a problem-solver


If you carry out your work with persistent effort to maintain standards, you’re being diligent. And this is a customer service skill that is highly sought-after by employers.

If you pay attention to detail, are good at prioritizing and managing your duties, and adapt how you do things when necessary to ensure excellent quality in what you do, then make sure the recruiters know this. Perfect your resume. Show organizational skills throughout the recruitment process. Have questions ready for the interviewer, such as ‘How do you manage delegation before each shift?’

Positive Personality Traits

Other personable traits that will highlight you as someone with great customer services skills include:

  • Patience
  • Positivity
  • A people person
  • Confident yet calm in dealing with difficult situations

Demonstrate these behaviors during your interview, and the hiring manager will remember your face and name.

Summing Up

There are many tasks on a job description for custodian job descriptions. The hard skills required to do the job effectively will be listed. However, it’s the softer skills that will make you stand out. Your personality, the way you communicate, how you treat tasks set for you, and how you react to behaviors of those around you.

For those with an exceptional mix of hard and soft skills that make you stand out as a candidate for custodian jobs, there are some tremendous roles available right now. All you need to do is contact HireGround today.

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