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Looking for dependable people or flexible jobs? You will not find a better partner than HireGround. Our temp-to-hire services let you decide together if you are the perfect fit.

Personnel Services

At HireCare, we are unlike other staffing or temp-to-hire agencies. We will help you find the people you want faster. Do You Have Higher Standards? So do we.

Two divisions – each with a different focus but the same high standards.

Since 2002, we’ve provided customized recruitment and screening services and offered flexibility, speed, accuracy and access to top talent.

Tell us what you’re looking for in a candidate or a job – the right shift, skills and culture. Our in-depth knowledge of the local talent market and the best places to work in San Diego enable us to find the ideal match.

Just to make sure it’s the perfect fit, we fill most positions on a temp-to-hire basis. You can decide on your own if it’s the right job or candidate for you.

Our Mission

At HireGround, our mission is to be a socially responsible member of the communities we serve, effectively matching job seekers and employers to achieve mutual synergy for all stakeholders

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Our HireStandards ensures we
provide employees with proven
track records by partnering
with employers and hires that
are made are the right ones.

Talent Centric


We provide dependable, screened
and diverse talent

Client Focused


Provide the best recruiting,
screening and staffing practices to
attract the best talent for our
client companies

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